The Yawning Portal

Description & History

Built in 1306 DR by Durnan on the ruins of Halaster Blackcloaks old tower, this tavern and inn in Waterdeep has gained its renown for being the primary open route to the Undermountain.

A stone building with a slate roof, the Yawning Portal offered guest rooms on the three upper floors. Although well-worn boards cover the floor, the rich blue tapestries decorating the wood-paneled walls of the common room give the main impression of comfort.

The common room is dominated by the entry well, a stone-lined pit measuring 40 feet in diameter which gives access to Undermountain.


The clientele of The Yawning Portal is mostly Waterdavians eager to here the tales of adventurers who have returned or who are making their way into the depths of Undermountain. Adventurers readying themselves to enter the Undermountain, who are sometimes referred to as The Called, can be found here listening rumors and stories about the dungeon. A few of the notable patrons include:

Room and Board

A typical dish served at the Yawning Portal consists of quipper and chips (5sp). Shadowdark ale was a popular beverage served at the taproom (5cp). Rooms to let at the inn (when there’s room) rent for 8sp per night.

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The Yawning Portal

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