Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Chapter 19

Marpenoth 29th, 10:00AM

It’s said that if a dwarf stands still long enough, he turns to stone. -Prymon

Why won’t you stop moaning

Venturing deeper into the caverns, the Undermountain Extractors find two additional hungry curtains. Defeating them, Gnollmash decides not to eat them. Deph joins the adventurers after taking some “dwarf time” to himself.

John Constantine makes a deal

At the suggestion of his demonic familiar Ahazu, Constantine enters the next cavern alone and makes contact with a demonic individual who calls himself Zuggz. Promising to protect the demon from the party, Zuggz pledges his service to Constantine. Constantine promptly tells the biggest lie to the party who believe him.

The guardhouse and the gate

Emerging from the cavern back into the forest, the party spies a large guardhouse and investigates. They find a long-dead halfling, a gate, and large river beyond the gate.

We all float down here

Investigating a boat tied up on the far edge of the river, Gnollmash is attacked by a mimic.

Gnollmash goes solo

Adventuring into the cavern beyond, Gnollmash discovers a sleeping dragon with an emerald blade sticking out of their forehead. Gnollmash elects to return to the party with his findings.

Fair dealing with Wyllow

Seeking out the archdruid of Wyllowwood, Prymon, Deph, and Deadbolt discover that Wyllow does not like music, that there are three gates into her woods, and that the Slitherswamp lies deeper within Undermountain.

A reclamation of owlbear eggs

Making their way through the gate in the guardhouse, the Gnollmash is struck dumb by a dread curse. Carrying the prone gnoll past the sleeping owlbear in the passage ahead, Prymon is as surprised as anyone when Gnollmash starts attackign randomly. Removing the curse of confusion from him, the adventurers decide the best fate for the two eggs that they recover after slaying the owlbear.

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