Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Chapter 18

Marpenth 28th, 8:00PM

BEHOLD WYLLOW’S WOOD. HARM NOT, LEST YE BE HARM’D – Faded wooden sign at the entrance to Wyllowwood, written in Common, Draconic, and Elvish.

The demon’s trail

After the The Undermountain Extractors takes a short rest, Deph tracks the trail of the escaped demon and Marta Moonstone through the dungeon. A they part ways, the dwarven scout chooses to follow the demon through the temple to Dumothoin.

It takes a dwarf

The party comes to a set of dwarven statues that attack anyone who is not a dwarf. Venturing into the shrine the statues protect, Deph finds a brass mouthpiece.

A hungry xorn…

Is a helpful xorn. The party loses a few gemstones and satiates a hungry elemental.

A careful decision

Discovering a long hallway that leads deep into the temple of Dumothoin, the party takes a moment to ponder. An umber hulk bursts through a nearby wall and charges the adventurers. The adventurers decide to follow the demon’s trail into an umber hulk tunnel.

Wyllow’s wood and Halasters’ forest

The tunnel leads to, of all places, a forest under blue sky deep within Undermountain. Not wasting a moment, Prymon loses his shirt and cavorts through the woods. Gnollmash joins in the fun.

These trees don’t bark around

Confronted by two sentient trees, the adventurers are escorted to an ancient tree made from stone. Within, a sentient tree bearing the face of a crazed man with wild eyes and hair greets them. Introducing himself as “Halastree,” the plant announces them to the ageless druid Wyllow.

An ancient druid

Wyllow thanks the adventurers for respecting her woods and encouraging them to keep it that way. Deadbolt presents the scroll she received from the elves, Wyllow informs her that she will be received kindly by Tearulia the green dragon.

A mournful moaning

Taking their leave of the druid, the adventurers follow the demon’s trail to the north to a cave that “holds a great evil.” Vowing to clean the cave, the adventures are horrified when the cave ceiling starts to moan, come alive, and starts attacking them like a hungry curtain. Defeating it, the adventurers hear the sounds of more moans nearby…

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