Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Chapter 17

Marpenoth 28th, 1:00PM

Can’t speak of the motives of some of the other folk, as ole’ Deph doesn’t really understand them. – Deph

A meeting of dwarves and elves / a just reward to follow

Meeting with the Deph’s clan Gildsteel commander and he Cormanthy wood elves led by Oncith, the great grandchild of the Coronal Audark. A deal was struck with both the elves and the dwarves that the Throne of Illefarn would go to the elves with lands, information, armor, and weapons furnished to The Undermountain Extractors from both sides.

“The Premier Undermountain Team” / a wealthy patron

A proposal was introduced and a round of cheers accompanied it – the Undermountain Extractors would become Waterdeep’s premier Undermountain exploration team! Almost as if by kismet, Obaya Uday approached the group to inquire if they had any powerful magic items that they had retrieved from Undermountain. Selling the cured dagger of Yeenoghu, the adventurers suddenyl realize that they are quite wealthy. They open ban accounts.

An unexpected mentor / an unexpected accomplice

Prymon encounters Norbit the Wizard looking very lost outside the gates of Waterdeep. The paladin of Eilistraee gave the lost wizard, money, directions, and a hug.

As the adventures descended for their third mission into Undermountain an unexpected figure slid down the rope to join them: Marta Moonstone, the elf that was previously rescued from Undermountain. With John Constantine’s assent, she joined the party

The Goblin Market / Dumothoin’s Secret

After a brief stop by the Goblin Market (and negotiating another price reduction), the adventurers discovered a hidden door to an undiscovered level of Undermountain which led to the Lost Temple to Dumathoin.

The Tomb of King Malar

Discovering the false tomb to a dwarven king, then another, and then finally the true tomb, the adventurers accidentally awaken four imprisoned Class 3/1 demons. Defeating them, Marta Moonstone seems conflicted by whether or not she should betray the party, Deph decides for her and tells her to take a hike.

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