Yek the Tall

Fair Human Ruler of the Goblin Market


The gorgeous scantly clad human ruler of the Goblin Market, Yek is extremely vain and loves high words of praise. He wears a golden circlet, flowing robes, and little else.

A hideous goblin that carts himself around the Goblin Market atop a basket on the back of a large bugbear. Yek oversees the Goblin Market, ruling it with a loose hand.


Yek was a goblin who has donned a magical circlet that granted him a beautiful human form, until Ahazu stole the circlet. The Undermountain Extractors convinced Yek to become a better leader, even if he looked like a little ugly goblin instead of a tall beautiful human.

Rumor also has it that he built the market with his own two hand and appears to be very happy to be at the top.

Yek the Tall

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