The Madness of Halaster Blackcloak

Welcome to the launch page for The Dungeon of the Mad Mage! This AL-legal game meets in-person in Durham, NC every week to explore the endless levels of the Undermountain, a sprawling dungeon created by the mad mage Halaster Blackcloak.

Meet the Adventurers

Meet the members of the adventuring crew whose exploits will spark the ambition of the next generation of adventurers… The Undermountain Extractors! You can also check out the adventuring goals of the party as they continue their exploration of Undermountain.

The Story So Far

Our most recent harrowing adventure can be found here, as well as our previous adventures! Currently, our heroes have made their way to Skullport deep within Undermountain where their next adventure awaits them!

Notable Notables

Our adventurers have met many of the strange and deadly denizens in Faerûn, some friendly and some less so. Here is a brief list of the notable cast of characters our heroes have met so far:

The Yawning Portal



Slain Foes